Boipeba - Portable canoe - Inflatable sailing canoe

Technical data of the sailing canoe

Boipeba inflatable sailing kayak hull

  • weight 12 kg
  • length 385 cm
  • width 90 cm
  • 3 air chambers
  • 200 kg capacity
  • 2 adults + child

Components of the Boipeba inflatable sailing kayak

Self-supporting aluminium structure: it is the very structure that makes the inflatable sailing canoe rigid, so there is no need for a rigid, heavy and expensive canoe. During the tests, the inflatable canoe sailed well even with the three air chambers semi-deflated. It consists of:

Mast base: an aluminium frame with welded pipe to insert the masts and the guides to insert the spars; it slots into the bottom of the inside of the inflatable canoe.

Spars: aluminium tubes with a total length of 2.5 m, divided into 3 interlocking sections that act as the skeleton of the inflatable canoe; they distribute the stress over the entire length.

Crossbar to support the centreboards: rectangular aluminium tube to which the columns are welded to insert the arches connected to the centreboard and the guides in which the spars are inserted.

Mast: height 4.10 m, 30 mm diameter aluminium tube, divided into 4 interlocking sections.

Boom: length 2.15 m, 30 mm diameter aluminium tube, divided into 2 interlocking sections.

Bracket: aluminium frame welded to connect the boom to the mast at a right angle, with the tube to enter the mast and the guide to insert the boom.

Centreboards: two boards of marine plywood measuring 10 mm; they tilt and can be raised and instantly fixed in place

Arches: they support the centreboards and assembled by inserting them in the columns positioned on the crossbar, cleats are fitted on the arches for the jib

Rudder: aluminium frame with 10 mm marine plywood blade.

Sails: Nylon 60g / m2, specially designed and produced by a renowned sail manufacturer to boost the performance of the inflatable canoe.

Mainsail: classic triangular sail, 3 m in height, 2 m at the base, with a sleeve to insert the sailing canoe mast.

Jib: 2.5 m in height, 1 m base.

Paddle: a double aluminium paddle, composed of two x 1.15 m sections.

Bags: one bag 120x35x35 for the inflatable canoe and long pieces, full weight about 14 kg and one bag 90x35x35 for all the other pieces, full weight approximately 8 kg.

Accessories included with the Boipeba inflatable sailing canoe:

Accessories not included with the Boipeba inflatable sailing kayak:

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