Boipeba - Portable canoe - Inflatable sailing canoe Boipeba - Portable canoe - Inflatable sailing dinghy Boipeba - Portable canoe - Inflatable sailing kayak Boipeba - Portable canoe - Inflatable sailing kayak Boipeba - Portable canoe - Inflatable sailing canoe
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The only sailing canoe
Beware of imitations

All aboard with Boipeba!

The Boipeba sailing canoe is an Italian patent.
The patented solution provides a unique mix of lightness (in fact the Boipeba sailing canoe weighs just 23 kg) and compactness (the Boipeba sailing canoe folds into two bags making it easily transportable.)

The Boipeba sailing canoe is inflatable, foldable and therefore easy to transport on any type of vehicle; it is very practical because it takes just 20 minutes to rig and 10 minutes to unrig.

The six years of testing on the sailing canoe make it particularly reliable and remarkably fast, especially when sailing upwind. It is sloop rigged, a feature that is never found on such small boats and that makes it a real sailboat.

The sailing canoe gives the user multiple solutions, you can choose the seaside, islands, lakes, and take it anywhere by car, train, plane, bicycle...

The Boipeba sailing canoe is the ideal solution for those who love to travel around frequently and hassle-free!

For example you can do nautical camping: start from a "point A", embarking all your belongings, sail easily as far as "point B", in 10 minutes you can disassemble your inflatable sailing canoe and enjoy a new destination! The next day you can relax and leave without problems, rigging your sailing canoe in seconds, ready to travel the sea towards a new destination.

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